Monday, July 26, 2010

Education is an impediment to learning!!!

I am pursuing MBA education at a premier institute in India. What life here has taught me is that, grades matter much more than humanity, friendship and affection. Needless to say, I have a bunch of insolent, self-indulgent, know-it-alls around me and they share my classes, space and time.
We had a quiz in 'Strategic Management', yesterday and questions were asked not from our textbooks, but from different sources. Many people, including me, fared badly in the quiz. I let it go by, but majority of the students wanted a re-quiz, with questions asked from the portions that they had studied.
I agree that there is a certain amount of merit in their argument, but questioning the qualifications and methods of the professor and arguing and haggling for every single mark is what perturbs me.
There was another interesting sight visible until last year, when the answer sheets used to be distributed in the class-rooms. Students would swoop down on the teachers like vultures on a dead carcass, demanding to know why they have gotten the marks they received.
It is a sad plight. On one hand, it amuses me to find 25 to 30 year old young men and women acting like they are back in primary school, but on the other, it saddens me that the education that we receive fails to inculcate a sense of responsibility in us. It brings us to the crux of the problem. The students are worried about securing a placement in a reputed company than gaining knowledge. Everything that we do out here is a means to secure the end result, i.e., a good placement. I do not isolate myself from the rest. But once in a while, I stand and stare at what I am and what I am becoming.
Let me list the learnings gained, so far:
-I have learned not to trust anyone, not even my shadow.
-If anyone offers unsolicited help, it has an ulterior motive attached to it.
-It is a competitive world out there, so relish the failure of others and rub their noses in it, if that is possible.
-All kinds of relationships, be it friendship, friendship with hope for romance or pure romance, are for convenience. Indulge in these, if it serves your purpose.
-Most importantly, love yourself and only yourself.
I am disturbed by these take-aways from this place, but I guess this is what, being ready for the world means. Real world, here I come, a cold-blooded animal hell bent upon achieving my goals at any cost...


  1. y the anguish buddy :) just ride the storm u ll b alrite... as for the learnings unlearn them sooner cause that ll take you nowhere atleast outside of ur B-school

  2. This article made me too stand and stare,though its only for a while..Nice one:)