Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bouquet of Flowers

I know that you have travelled far away from me and my voice cannot touch you. Your eyes can no longer flash with bright, wanton love. Your hands can never caress my hair again, while we lose ourselves in a sublime kiss. I can no longer hold you close to my heart, heaving with emotion. I remember your touch and your embrace, while you held on, never wanting to let go. I wish we could lose ourselves in such an embrace just once more.

As I watch you in your casket, I know that the limp body lying there is not you. Your spirit and passion defined you and now that you are gone, all that remains is a body that resembles you. You have flown away like a young bird in new flight, leaving its nest forever never to return. But, I believe that my love must be weighing you down like water on your feathers.

People walk around me whispering their condolences. I nod solemnly but all the while, I can do nothing but picture you waiting for me at the other side of the lake beckoning me to join you. Wait right there baby, I am coming soon with a bouquet of your favorite lilies…


  1. This is outstanding Sathya... Short, yet so touching, brought tears in my eyes ... Keep it Up!!! :)

  2. Very touching. May his soul rest in peace.
    Beautiful write-up.